African Beauty

The African sunset is like smelting gold, 

A warm peachy burst of colours unfold.

A purifying sight of awe to behold,

Deep black, endearing silhouettes unfold.

Watching the wildlife freely explore,

Not edited, scripted, just perfectly raw.

Etched in my mind, that’s for sure,

Bountiful visions I simply adore.

Until the mighty Lions roar! 

Elephants, Rhinos, Zebra and more,

Drink by the river shore. 

And when the glittery stars come out at night, 

So do the cricket sounds alright! 

The mosquitoes buzzing close to your ear,

Swiftly dis and re-appear.

The echoing grunts of hippos can fright,

The shiny croc eyes can make you take flight.

But when the moonlight reflects on the river,

It fills you up with zeal and fervour.

Magic and majesty that have my heart sold,

Africa, forever my home.

– The M2 Column

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