Influential Words

The world is filled with grandeur & splendor,
Don’t choose to give in to emotion & surrender. 

Start observing how far you’ve come,
Noting where you started from.

You’re not unworthy, or undeserving,
Stop listening to those voices you’re hearing.

When negativity plays within your head, 
Stop it, and use positive, encouraging words instead.

I want you to be your own best friend,
& your limting beliefs you’ll transcend.

Words influence the way we think, 
Stop using those that make you shrink.

Use words that uplift & encourage,
To repair all those years of damage.

Form a habit by being persistent,
Don’t relent, be consistent.

I’ve said this before,
And I’ll repeat once more…

Their words don’t matter, not a sound,
Drown out all the noise around.

Focus the energy inside of you,
To be whole again and feel brand new.

Realise that nothing matters,
None of all their mindless chatters.

Don’t give in to those negative notions,
Use your words towards positive emotions.

You’ll attract the world’s grandeur sum, 
A new being you’ll become. 

– The M2 Column

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