I Have a Million to Give

I have a million smackaroo, 
I’m not sure who to give it to.

Could that person possibly be you? 
Show me this and make it true. 

Tell me about all the qualities, 
Deserving of this quantity. 

Vouch for yourself, stand up and speak,
I’ll judge and be the sole critique. 

I’m not interested in your excuses & problems, 
To sway me to hand over my dollars. 

All I ask is that you bring from within,
All the goodness inside you to win.

Don’t bother lying or trying to deceive,
I’m trained in knowing what to believe.

Show me, show me, show me now, 
All the qualities you told me about.

Show me all your habits toward,
These lofty words you award.

Your words alone are not enough, 
You’ve got to prove or its a bluff.

Tell me about your goals to be,
& how you’ll bring that to reality! 

Who am I, you may ask, 
I’m the universe that put you to task.

I have more than a million don’t you see, 
Circulating endlessly. 

I choose who I want to give it to, 
And that person could be you.

But your problems and excuses I can’t stand,
They not worthy of a strand.

Your determination with your goals & purpose, 
Will lead you to my money surplus. 

I’ll provide you with abundance alright!
If you persevere and continue to fight.

But when you give up & your excuses begin,
There’s no way I will let you win.

– The M2 Column

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