The Daybreak Symphony

The soft, glistening morning light, 
Breaking through the starry night.

Strumming it’s melody through her blinds, 
While dancing endlessly to wake her mind.

Igniting her chalky, porcelain skin,
Reviving the treasure map to her soul within.

Her flushed, pale cheeks once bare,
Lit up crimson red with it’s glittery flare.

It ever so gently, warmed her eyes, 
To reveal the olive green it loved inside. 

She fluttered her cinnamon tinted lashes, 
Viewing the luminosity through flashes.

She paused, crimping her olive eyes closed, 
While wiggling her long fingers and toes.

Laying with her auburn locks on her pillow, 
She revealed her green eyes to the symphony so mellow.

Her uniquely creative mind awoke, 
And to her soul the glistening light now spoke. 

– The M2 Column

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