A Poem Through It All

Through the hardship and all the pain,
You’ll find a way to stay sane.

There’ll come a time when you see,
The hope within you set you free.

Their words won’t matter, not a sound,
The noise around you will be drowned.

You’ll focus the energy inside of you,
To be whole again and feel brand new.

You’ll realise that nothing matters,
None of all the mindless chatters.

What matters most is human spirit,
To heal and recover from that you feared.

They say time heals it all,
So focus on that when you fall.

In the midst of hardship and of pain,
Your heart will help your frazzled brain,

I’ve lived the worst and seen the best,
Nothing lasts it’s all a test.

I hope you remember these words I say,
On a dark, gloomy, troubling day,

You’re strong enough to live it through,
Life is tough but so are you.

– The M2 Column

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